At Castle Tire Shop, we offer tire repair services for flat and punctured tires. If you experience a flat tire, driving on it is the last thing you should do. This can cause irreparable damage to the tire and wheel rim and leave you spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

Patching A Tire:

  • REMOVING THE DAMAGE – Our experts locate the puncture point on the tire, remove the foreign object, and buff the area around the puncture.
  • CLEANING THE INNER LINER – The buffing removes the slick surface and exposes a “raw” surface where the patch will stick to the tire.
  • FILLING THE INJURY – Tire patch cement is applied and allowed to dry for approximately 5 minutes. Then the plug patch is pushed into place.
  • REMOUNT, REBALANCE, RECHECK – The tire is remounted, rebalanced, and rechecked for leaks.