You might question: What’s the difference between a penny and a quarter test?

Let’s understand basic mathematics, first.

 Penny is smaller than a quarter (in size). To be precise, the distance between the edge to the head on the penny is 2/3rd of an inch, whereas 4/3rd of an inch on a quarter.

 Why does that matter? Well, a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggests that tires with tread worn down to 2/3rd of an inch (penny size) aren’t safe and should be replaced.

 Now, to put this to practice, you have to place the quarter with the head first in the tire tread. If you can see Sir Washington’s head, you should start looking for tire replacement options.

 That’s because your tires, at this point, aren’t completely worn out, but they’ll soon be.

Closing Word

So, if you have a penny or a quarter, you can check your tire’s health in under a minute. You don’t need any fancy equipment or wait until your tires start screeching on the corners.

But if you’re short on change, or have determined that your car needs a new set of tires, visit the nearest tire shop in Winchester and let the experts do what they do best: Check, suggest, and replace.

 Until next time.


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